The benefits of massage

Aches, pains and injuries all hold you back in life and cast a shadow over your day. They can linger from the moment you wake up until they are keeping you awake at night. It can be so difficult to find anything that will relieve the pain, whether it is searing pain or a dull ache it has to be dealt with, and there might just be an option you haven't considered yet. Therapeutic massage has been used effectively to help people with aches and pains, such as athletes, cancer patients, people with tendon damage, people with long standing injuries and IBS sufferers, among others. Whether these aches and injuries be through age or work, massage can benefit in many different ways.


Massage can help relax the body, the muscles and the mind. Promoting all over relaxation can in itself take the edge off aches and pains and start to resolve injuries. Relaxation also helps the body to recover. You always hear doctors advising rest to get over the flu. Relaxation promotes body rest so it works well to help the body recover, hence why it is recommended for cancer patients.

No pain and tension

Massage can centre in on pain and ease tension and stiffness, which is great for dealing with aches and pains which are made worse by the accompanying tension. In many cases aches and pains can lead to you adjusting your body to allieviate the pain, which can actually cause more tension on specific areas of the body. Massage is essential in these circumstances.


One of the great benefits of massage physio is that it aids recovery of injury and sporting activity. This is why you'll find many of the biggest names in sporting clubs will employ a masseuse with a background in physio to keep all the players in top condition for the arduous sporting season no matter how much their body is put through. Massage also helps in reducing the possibility of injury recurrence. Not only used for sports stars, physio through massage can help with injuries from all people including those caused in the workplace.

Less inflammation

There have been recent studies which show that massage reduces inflammation, one of the many things that exacerbates pain, and it also promotes cell healing, which is great when mending tissue around injuries and tendon damage.

If you hadn't considered it before, hopefully these benefits will lead you towards massage as an element of your physio. Obviously we'd all prefer to live in a world where aches, pains and injuries were eradicated, but as that is but a dream we can settle for a world where massage will offer you many benefits leading towards that.

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